to twist somebody’s arms = to make people do something, to persuade so that it is hard to refuse

to have one’s arms twisted

My wife twisted my arm into buying this unnecessary thing.

To Twist Somebodys Arms


words get stuck in one’s throat = being unable to speak because of one’s emotional state

I was going to say how sorry I was, but my apology stuck in my throat.

Words Get Stuck In Ones Throat


to gain the upper hand = to get into a stronger position so that you can control the situation

Alex Hales and Joe Root led the way for England as they gained the upper hand on day one.

To Gain The Upper Hand


to be stabbed in the back = to be betrayed, to be harmed by someone you trust

He was stabbed in the back by his so-called friends.

To Be Stabbed In The Back


to have something to hand = to have something within reach

I can’t help you, I don’t have his number to hand.

To Have Something To Hand