to jump to conclusions = to make a decision about somebody/something too quickly, before you know or have thought about all the facts

Sometimes people jump to conclusions after hearing only one side of the story.



to jump down one’s throat = (informal) to react very angrily to somebody

There’s no need to jump down my throat just because I made this stupid mistake.



to jump the light = (informal) to fail to stop at a red traffic light

A car who had obviously jumped the lights smashed into me and caused £8000.00 worth of damage to my vehicle.



to jump the queue/line = to go to the front of a line of people without waiting for your turn

US President Barack Obama apologetically jumped the queue at a famous barbecue joint in Austin.




by leaps and bounds = rapidly, in fast progress

Science and technology are developing by leaps and bounds all over the world.



to jump/leap at the opportunity = to accept an opportunity eagerly

I was fortunately accepted onto the course and leapt at the opportunity to study at an internationally renowned university.



somebody’s heart leaps = someone has a sudden feeling of happiness

When I opened the envelope and realized that ‘d been accepted, my heart lept with joy.



Look before you leap = is used to advise people to think about the possible results or dangers of something before doing it

Going to buy those shares? Look before you leap!



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