to fall into place = if things fall into place in a situation, they happen in a satisfactory way, without problems

We’ve put lots of effort into this project, so I’m sure it will eventually fall into place.

To Fall Into Place


to be going places = to become successful, to succeed, to make progress (especially at work)

I’m sure he has all the makings to be going places.

To Be Going Places 1

To Be Going Places 2


to be out of place = to be not right or suitable for the situation

I felt so out of place in this posh company.

To Be Out Of Place


to be in place = in the right/appropriate position or order; ready for use

I feel comfortable starting the lesson with all the textbooks and visual aids in place.

To Be In Place


there’s a time and a place for that = something that you say when someone is behaving in a way which you do not think is suitable for the situation they are in

You shouldn’t have brought up the subject of the divorce in front of the children. There’s a time and a place for that.

A Time And A Place For That