Rest & Relaxation

to recharge one’s batteries = to rest and relax for a period of time so that you feelenergetic again

I spent some days at home to recharge my batteries.

To Recharge Batteries


to unwind = to stop worrying or thinking about problems and start to relax

Reading helps me unwind after a long workind day.

To Unwind


to let one’s hair down = to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying what other people will think

It’s nice to let your hair down from time to time.

To Let Hair Down


to take one’s mind off (work) = if an activity takes someone’s mind off their problems, it stops them from thinking about them

Sometimes, when the daily grind is too grueling, it’s hard to takeyour mind off work and transition to weekend mode.

To Take Mind Off


to get away from it all = to go somewhere completely different from what is usual

It’s very important to get away from it all in order to recover strength and take one’s mind off work.

To Get Away From It All