How Reliable is Your Memory? (TED Talks)

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work (TED Talks)

Jill Heinerth The Mysterious World of Underwater Caves (TED Talks)

Extreme Sports



  1. Which sport do you find most unusual? Most dangerous? Most fun?
  2. Would you like to try any of these activities?



to lay claim
dual nature
pugilistic power
mental acuity
to be declared a winner
to sustain a blow
thrill-seeking travelers

rugged terrain

to stay upright
a daredevil
to incur bumps and bruises
to suffer the fair share of tumbles and falls
a piddling prize
nobility and refinement
a cushioned hamster ball
an inflatable ball
to cushion impact
to make one’s return to prominence
athletic prowess
a ferret

a trampoline

the elements
a buoyant vessel
capsizing (of a boat)


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