Ear Idioms

to play it by ear = to improvise rather than plan

“My friends and I hadn’t booked any part of our trip, but ‘played it by ear’, queuing in sweaty ticket office lines and taking it in turns to fetch water …”


Hit Idioms

to hit the book = to study

It’s been about 30 years since I hit the books on this stuff, so can not longer give you the math without looking it up.


Expressions with «Take»

to take the rough with the smooth = to accept the unpleasant parts of a situation as well as the pleasant parts


House Idioms

Sport — 2

the ball is in your court = it is your turn to take action / your responsibility

I realised the ball was in my court. No one else would have the same opportunity.


Travel Idioms


Music Idioms




Clothes Idioms Questions

Can you answer these questions? All of them contain expressions connected with clothes.


Politics and the Media

mud sticks = said to mean that people are likely to believe something bad that is said about someone, even if it is not true

Mud sticks, however unjust and fourth-hand the accusation, however misguided your accuser and however hard you fight to clear your name.

Mud Sticks


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