Not Giving In

to stick to your guns = to continue to have your beliefs or continue with a plan of action, even if other people disagree with you

Despite the advice from his surrounding, he stuck to his guns on this issue.

To Stick To Your Guns


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Body — 2

to twist somebody’s arms = to make people do something, to persuade so that it is hard to refuse

to have one’s arms twisted

My wife twisted my arm into buying this unnecessary thing.

To Twist Somebodys Arms


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to make a beeline for… — to go somewhere quickly, to move towards a person or a thing

The moment I noticed him, I made a beeline to him.

To Make A Beeline For


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Words that Alliterate and Rhyme — 2

higgledy-piggledy = in a mess

This is my son’s room, and, as you can see, it’s a little bit higgledy-piggledy.

Higgledy Piggledy


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Words that Alliterate and Rhyme — 1

Words that alliterate (start with the same letter) or rhyme:

willy-nilly = happening without people’s intention ~ волей-неволей

“Yet I found myself drawn willy-nilly into the intricacies of a conversation that had nothing to do with me.”

Willy Nilly


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to be thrown in at the deep end – to make someone start doing a difficult without getting them prepared

Masood, the young left-arm spinner from Khanewal, was thrown in at the deep end just like countless other boys in the country and he had the enviable task of teaming up with others.

To Be Thrown In At The Deep End


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eager beaver = an enthusiastic person, a very diligent person

She is an eager beaver who wants to learn everything.

Eager Beaver


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to smell a rat = to suspect that something is wrong

All the documents were in order, still I smelled a rat.

To Smell A Rat


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to go to the dogs = to become less successful, to deteriorate

My uncle likes to repeat that the country is going to the dogs.

To Go To The Dogs


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to think of oneself as cat’s whiskers = to be big-headed, to regard oneself as important

I can’t stand him. He thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers.

Cats Whiskers


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