New Year’s Resolutions




  1. What is a “New Year’s resolution”?
  2. Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions? What were they?
  3. What are the most popular resolutions?
  4. Do you think people usually keep their resolutions? Why/why not?
  5. What are some resolutions people never keep?
Most Popular Resolutions



1:23 to go out on a limb — if you go out on a limb, you state an opinion or you do something which is very different to most other people

1:57 to plummet — to fall suddenly and quickly from a high level or position

2:21 to take one’s bet — принять пари

2:58 to keep an eye on — to watch someone or something; to monitor someone or something closely

3:44 (to) hornswoggle — to cheat, to deceive

4:42 chords — (music) two or more notes played together

5:07 approach — a way of dealing with somebody/something; a way of doing or thinking about something such as a problem or a task


My Cat’s Resolutions

  1. I won’t wake people up early in the morning by scratching their door.
  2. I won’t steal meat and cold spaghetti.
  3. I won’t eat from my master’s plate. (It’s unhygienic to say the least)
  4. I won’t make scandal when I am being washed.
  5. I won’t press buttons on the computer and delete important files.
  6. I will play with my toys instead of my mistress’ necklace.
  7. I will play, run and jump every day until people stop calling me “Lasybones”.