1. Can you think of an outstanding  teacher you have had?  What made him or her special?
  2. Can you remember a teacher who made a strong negative impression on you? What didn’t you like about his or her teaching?
  3. What teacher’s qualities are most difficult for you to accept?
  4. Gail Godwin said: «Good teaching is one-quarter preparation and three-quarters theatre.» Do you agree with her?
  5. What are the key qualities and skills that students look for in teachers?
  6. Should teachers entertain us?
  7. Do teachers play an important part in our life,  or is their role overrated?
  8. What major challenges do teachers face?
  9. How important is it to use technology in the classroom?
  10. What sort of atmosphere in the classroom  is most conducive for learning?


(to what extent do you agree with them?)





Useful Vocabulary:

to maintain discipline

to spark enthusiasm

to have high expectation of…

to establish good rapport with…

to find faults with

to grab students’ attention

to boost self esteem

to criticise unfairly

to give up on a student

to create a welcoming learning environment

to inspire students with

to be a lifelong learner

to intimidate pupils

to be good-humoured

to be approachable

to be forgiving and compassionate

to inspire respect

to convey one’s passion

to perform at one’s full capacity

to be an authoritarian dictator

to be entertaining




to drop out — to stop doing something before you have completely finished (бросать (учебу и т. д.))

He dropped out of school at 14.

low attendance — atrendance — the number of people who go to an event, meeting, etc (посещаемость)

falling attendance

peer pressure — strong influence on a member of a group to behave in the same way as other members in the group, although that behaviour is not good (давление со стороны членов своего круга, сверстников)

Many teenagers take drugs because of boredom or peer pressure.

importance of human connection — connection — a relationship between people or things (связь)

a significant relationship — significant — important or noticeable

hooey = nonsense

arduous — needing a lot of effort to do (трудный)

an arduous journey/task

ratios — the relationship between two things expressed in numbers to show how much bigger one is than the other (соотношение)

academically deficient — deficient — not having enough of something (ощущающий нехватку)

If you have poor night vision you may be deficient in vitamin A.

to raise self-esteem — self-esteem — confidence in yourself and a belief in your qualities and abilities

to raise academic achievement — повысить успеваемость

to strut — to walk in a proud way trying to look important

The boys strutted around trying to get the attention of a group of girlswho were nearby.

to be on a roll — to be having a successful period (быть на коне, пребывать в полосе везения)

We were on a roll, winning our fourth game in a row.

a champion — someone who supports, defends, or fights for a person, belief, or principle (защитник, поборник)

a champion of human rights

you betcha = Yes! You can be sure of that!