to fit like a glove = to be the perfect size or shape for somebody

«I am extremely pleased with the dress and it fits me like a glove.»



to take one’s hat off to somebody = used to say that you admire somebody very much for something they have done

«Somewhere I read that Steig didn’t do any sketches before creating his art. If that’s true, it’s amazing. I’d take my hat off to him, if I had one.»



I will eat my hat. = I will be very surprised.

«If all those accounts don’t belong to the same person I will eat my hat!»



to pull one’s socks up = to try to improve your performance, work, behaviour, etc

«After this experience Levy pulled his socks up and decided to study harder at school.»




to have one’s hand tied = to be unable to do what you want to do because of rules, promises, etc

«The comittee also had their hands tied, and opted for the ‘lesser of two evils’ s.»



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