Far, Far Away

in the middle of nowhere = in a very remote place

I don’t want to spend summer in the middle of nowhere.

In The Middle Of Nowhere


to go off the beaten track/path = in a place where few people go, far from any main roads and towns

If you want to see something different, you have to get off the beaten path.

To Go Off The Beaten Track


out in the sticks = in a rural, undeveloped area

They live somewhere in the sticks, so they can’t be rich.

Out In The Sticks


in a rural backwater – in a quiet place not influenced by the world

If you are searching for peace, tranquility and wish to unwind in a rural backwater, this is a place to visit.

In A Rural Backwater


in the back of beyond = far away from big towns

They live in some village in the back of beyond.

In The Back Of Beyond