to be like chalk and cheese (to be as different as chalk and cheese) – быть совершенно разными

 “… Grandma used to say they were like chalk and cheese, and that they should have been shaken up together in a bag to get more of a mixture …”



to eat  humble pie – терпеть унижение, признать неправоту

“… I publicly apologized and ate humble pie. But then, I am rather used to the taste. I don’t mind apologizing …”



to have bigger fish to fry – иметь дела поважнее

“… but because it was the day before the big Rolling Stones concert, the station was packed all night and the police had bigger fish to fry …”



to go bananas – разозлиться, сойти с ума

“When I told him that his girlfriend left town, he went bananas.”



to sell like hot cakes – продаваться нарасхват

“Popular fiction and colourful children’s books sold like hot cakes.”



to be an apple of one’s eye – души не чаять в ком-либо

“But despite her naughtiness, or perhaps because of it, Margaret Rose was the apple of her father’s eye …”



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