to make a beeline for… — to go somewhere quickly, to move towards a person or a thing

The moment I noticed him, I made a beeline to him.

To Make A Beeline For


to make short work of = to complete something quickly

I needed to type three reports, but I managed to make short work of it.


to make a pig of oneself – to eat too much

Why are you always making such a pig of yourself?

To Make A Pig Of Oneself


to make no bones = not to beat about the bush, to express one’s ideas clearly

The boss made no bones about telling the employee to work faster.

To Make No Bones


to be made of sterner stuff = to be tough

I don’t really like my boss. He’s made of sterner stuff.

To Be Made Of Sterner Stuff


make or break = do or die, very important

For me it was a make or break completion.

Make Or Break