to play a second fiddle to someone = to have a lower position than someone else does

I’m sick and tired of playing the second fiddle to my boss.

To Play A Second Fiddle


to face the music = to accept the unpleasant consequences of one’s action

You knew that you were doing the wrong thing. Now it’s time to face the music.

To Face The Music


to drum something into someone’s head = to repeat things until people remember them

Mom always drummed it into our heads that not eating beef was good for our health, what with all the preservatives and other stuff they put in it.

To Drum Into Head


It’s music to my ears. = I’m pleased to hear that.

Keep talking – it’s music to my ears.

Music To My Ears


to blow one’s own trumpet = to tell other people how good and successful you are

I hate it when people blow their own trumpet.

To Blow Own Trumpet