Books (Essay)

Nowadays technology is developing by leaps and bounds, and e-books, which appeared quite recently, have become popular all over the world. Some people have no doubts that paper books will be out of use in the near future while others believe that this will never happen.

I am convinced that despite growing popularity of e-books, paper books will never become obsolete. Firstly, it seems to me that paper books are much more convenient to use because one can leaf through them quickly and find the necessary information. People can highlight some phrases and make notes in the margins, which they later refer to. Secondly, there is nothing like the physical sensation you get when you read a book. Its smell, the sound of rustling pages, the feeling of glossy paper – they not only have a calming effect on the reader, but also their favourite book becomes like a friend that a person might want to keep on the shelf forever.

However, some people believe that e-books are more practical because they are capable of storing hundreds of books, which is convenient for travelling, for example. Furthermore, e-books can be downloaded for free whereas prices for paper books are not always affordable.

Nevertheless, I believe that the practical advantages of e-books are grossly overestimated. For instance, while writing a project, a student might need to have several books in front of them, which is extremely difficult to do with e-books. As for the second argument, people can always use libraries which are free.

To summarise, in spite the of current fashion for e-books, they will never replace paper books which we are used to.