Education (Essay)

All school subjects are equally useful for children.


School education has always been a topical issue both for parents and children. Some of them believe that subjects such as maths and their native languages should be given priority even if it is at the expense of other subjects, while other people are convinced that all subjects are equally important.

In my view, all school subjects are not only important, but absolutely vital for receiving a well-rounded education. Under no circumstances should educators disregard such subjects as art, music or nature study as they help children to develop different abilities. What’s more, getting acquainted with many disciplines at school will, in all probability, help pupils to find their vocation.

On the other hand, some people believe that singing or drawing are entertaining activities rather than serious subjects, therefore, they think that should be optional. Furthermore, they claim that, if children display a natural aptitude for a particular subject, they should attend special clubs in their spare time.

However, I firmly believe that school education should not only provide children with some basic skills, but also teach them how to think outside the box and look at things from a different perspective; and in order to develop these skills, children should be taught a wide range of subjects. What’s more, according to numerous research, those children who study music or do art perform better at other subjects, such as maths and literature.

To summarize, it is in society’s best interests to teach children many different subjects so that they become well-rounded, versatile people.