Foreign Languages (Essay)

It is often believed that a person fluent in a foreign language makes a good interpreter, while others doubt this statement.

I am convinced that being able to speak a foreign language fluently is not enough to be a good translator. Firstly, I believe that every job requires certain personal traits. For example, if a person wants to translate written texts, he is supposed to be quite patient and extremely attentive to detail. An interpreter should be sociable. Besides, such a person must be physically fit and stress resistant. Secondly, an interpreter should not only be fluent in a foreign language, but also have an excellent command of their native language. What’s more, they should be well-educated so that they will be able to translate texts on different subjects.

On the other hand, some people believe that after spending several years on mastering a foreign language, that person should possess all the skills which are required to provide translations.

However, I believe that being able to speak a foreign language fluently does not necessarily mean they have all the necessary characteristics for this job. Moreover, I believe that this job requires a genuine talent, not just skills.

In conclusion, I believe that an interpreter should be cut out for this profession, and having the ability to speak a foreign language fluently is not enough.