Linking Words — Addition

To add – добавлять

These words are used to add more information:

Besides (less formal) кроме того, помимо того
In addition (less formal)  |
Furthermore   /
Moreover  |
What is more /


Note that we separate these words with commas:

I don’t want to go to that party because I’m not feeling well. Besides, I’m sure it will be boring.

This is not the right time to buy property because the prices are falling. Furthermore, you’d be better off investing in a small business.


You look tired because of your studying at night. In addition, this regime, or the lack of it, influences you mood in a negative way.

The health system is failing the patients. What is more, with the cutbacks it’s getting worse.

An underground station will be open in the new district. Additionally, a bus will run to the centre every 10 minutes.


Linking Words — Addition

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