Linking Words – Contrast

Слова-связки, которые используются для противопоставления:

despite/in spite of – несмотря на

  • Be careful how use these words:

Despite/in spite of + ing-form

Despite being tired, I carried on working. — Несмотря на усталость, я продолжила работать.

Despite/in spite of + noun (существительное)

We carried on playing despite the rain.


But: despite/in spite of + noun + verb


although/even though – хотя

although/even though + noun + verb

Although he was tired, he carried on working.

although/even though + ing-form

Although being extremely wealthy, he lived modestly. — Несмотря на баснословное богатство, он жил очень скромно.



while/whereas – в то время как

While my brother is a rocket scientist, I’m hopeless at maths.

Some people work better to music while others do not.

My friends would rather go on on a beach holidays whereas I like going camping.




In contrast ~ в отличие от этого, в то же время (used when you are comparing two things or people and saying that the second one is very different from the first)

Our life in the country was very quiet. In contrast, here, in the city, my lifestyle is hectic.


However – однако (used to introduce a statement that contrasts with something that has just been said)

It was late, and we were getting tired. However, we were not going to give up.

I do understand your point of view. I’m totally against your plan, however.

  • Be careful! We need to use commas with “however”.

Слово “however” всегда выделяется запятыми.



But vs However

We prefer to use “but” within one sentence. We usually use “however” when we have two sentences.

I like rock-music, but I don’t like rap.

I’m into rock-music. However, rap isn’t to my liking.


Linking Words — Contrast

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