Schools (Essay)

Nowadays parents more and more often face a dilemma of whether to send their children to school or educate them at home with the help of private tutors. The idea of homeschooling is becoming incredibly popular, but is it really worth it to teach children at home?

In my opinion, the primary aim of school is not only to educate, but to teach children how to live in society, cooperate with others, adapt to the environment and solve problems. While being at school, children often find themselves in conflict situations, and have to learn how to stand up for themselves. If they are taught at home, there is a good chance of them living a protected life and being immature and irresponsible, as a result. What is more, they might find it difficult to mix with their peers when they enter university.

However, some people believe that basic communication skills can be acquired within school. For example, children can attend different youth clubs and optional classes, go camping with other kids and do sports. Thus, they will gain all the necessary skills.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that all the abovementioned activities are not enough for children to become more street-wise. Furthermore, when at school, they not only learn how to mix with other kids, they also find out that life can be tough and adults can be unfair towards children. However hard it might be for children, they get used to living in society, which is a good thing.

In conclusion, I want to emphasise that, although parents are certainly capable of educating their children at home, education at school is necessary for children to acquire social skills.