Sports (Essay)

Sport has always played an important role in our life. However, while some people prefer individual kinds of sports, others choose team sports saying that they are not only more exciting, but also develop team skills.

I am convinced that team sports are definitely more beneficial for people than individual sports. Firstly, they encourage the players to cooperate with each other, which is a skill we need in our everyday life. In contrast, individual players are used to relying only on themselves, which is not always the best strategy. Secondly, playing sport becomes a much more exciting activity when people take part in it with their team members.

However, those who support individual sports claim that it is more competitive as the winner does not share their prize with anyone. Furthermore, training on their own is likely to develop sportsmen’s willpower and discipline unlike team sports where their individual progress is not so noticeable.

Nevertheless, it seems to me the abovementioned arguments do not stand to reason: in my opinion, competitiveness in sports depends on the personality of the participants rather than the sports they participate in. What’s more, I firmly believe that both discipline and willpower can be developed by whatever sports the person takes up provided they put their life and soul into them.

In conclusion, I share the opinion that playing team sports brings people more benefits, and it is more exhilarating to do so as well.