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This proposal is written with the view of analyzing and commenting on the current situation with the curriculum in school Z. Judging by the recently published letter, not every parent is fully satisfied with the way the school works, which means that changes might be in order.

Current Situation

In accordance with the established tradition, virtually all the learning time at school is devoted to academic subjects such as history, social studies, geography and something along those lines. Though undoubtedly useful, they do not equip the youngsters with any practical skills, which renders them unemployable at the market.


Though fully admitting the importance of academic subjects for development of a versatile person, I believe it might be reasonable to provide lessons that would allow the pupils to function efficiently in the real world.

Admittedly, young learner’s abilities and aptitudes vary, and the choice of a single course might pose an insoluble problem. Therefore, it would make sense to offer a range of courses that would satisfy everyone. By way of example, it might be desirable to provide such courses as cooking, time management, basic mechanics and web design.

At the same time, in my opinion teachers are more valuable an asset than facilities in any school. It is their professionalism that determines whether young minds gain knowledge and acquire skills they are being taught. Therefore, I suggest that practical lessons are given by highly skilled tutors as well as mostly devoted professionals.


It is of utmost importance for schools to move with the times and to integrate practical oriented lessons into the school curriculum. If my ideas were implemented, it would greatly enhance the quality of our education.



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