1. Animal Kingdom

This game is designed to practice comparative forms of adjectives. One pupil throws the dice and moves his or her counter. The task is to compare the animal in the picture with the animal in the previous picture (For example: The giraffe is taller than the pig). The pupils take turns to throw the dice. If a pupil’s sentence is grammatically wrong, he or she won’t throw the dice again until they have corrected themselves.

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2. Phrasal Verb Races

Both mice want to eat the cheese as soon as possible. They can move up, down, left, right or diagonally. But they can’t continue moving until they make a correct sentence with the given phrasal verb.

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3. Preposition Maze

Move from depend to demand by choosing the right preposition. Be careful – with every wrong step you’re moving closer to the Monster. Beware, it will eat you alive!

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4. Domino Spoken English (KET Preparation)

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