Dear editor,

Though not claiming to be the most conscientious citizen in terms of eco-friendly behaviour, I still flatter myself with the idea of doing my bit and contributing to the common good. What’s more, I am convinced that we need to draw more attention to this simple, but sadly overlooked way of reducing the harmful products of human activity. A shrewd reader might have already guessed that I am referring to a bicycle as a means of transport.

It is hardly a secret that in a good many counties this vehicle has already gained enormous popularity for several obvious reasons. Not only does a bike help its owner to remain in good shape without putting much effort into it, but it also allows not to fall prey to notorious traffic jams inherent to big cities. Another aspect to be mentioned is that bicycles come in all forms and sizes, so everyone is capable of finding something to their liking, and, more importantly, within their budget. Yet, its main decisive advantage over other means of transport is its being green: when going by bike we do not produce harmful carbon dioxide emissions and thus reduce our carbon footprint.

However, should the officials put their minds to advocating this transport, they are expected to introduce certain changes. Firstly, cycle lines are essential so as to regulate the constant stream of vehicles on the streets. Secondly, one would expect bike racks installed all over the town. These innovations seemingly demand nor much effort, neither substantial financial resources. Yet, at the current moment our town is far from being be referred to as bike-friendly. Even worse, a most ridiculous rule bans cyclists from using public transport even with a collapsible bike. I would go as far as to say that the authorities are biased against bike lovers since posing such formidable obstacles in their way. No wonder that with such archaic laws and hostile attitude there are not many people raring to switch from the society-encouraged cars to ecology-friendly bicycles.

Obviously, the situation calls for urgent changes, but I cherish hope that with the media putting the problem in the limelight, certain changes for the better are bound to take place. I also urge all bike proponents to come forward with their ideas on how to promote the bike society.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Biker

Bicycles Cpe Letter