An English language magazine has invited readers to send in letters describing community schemes they either know about or are involved in. You have decided to send in a letter describing a project, explaining why you think it is a good idea for local people, and saying what the project hopes to achieve in the future.


Dear editor,

The moment I caught sight of the column in your newspaper devoted to local projects, I set my heart on sending my contribution with the view to sharing certain ideas regarding boosting community spirit, and, hopefully, sparking off enthusiasm among your readership.

It must be noted that, being a reserved, introverted person, I had never been able to picture myself as an active participant of a community project. However, the recent events proved me wrong, and, glowing with pride, I am about to narrate about the bold endeavor that completely transformed our yard.

It would come as no surprise that most of common areas in our town are in an appalling state, and ours was no exception. In place of a children playground there was nothing but a pile of rubbish with yellow grass and scarce gnarled trees. Starveling stray cats would curl up on car tires scattered around the place. In a nutshell, our yard was an eye-sore sight let alone a threat it posed for little children who would now and then get injured on glass shards.

However gloomy and depressing our area was, no one was willing to stick one’s neck out and offer voluntary help, awaiting some manna from heaven in the way of state subsidies allocated to that end. No one, that is, apart from Mr. N, our new neighbor. This highly competent and initiative young man summoned us all to a meeting and without beating about the bush suggested that we should regenerate our yard by our own efforts.

I would stretch the truth if I said that everyone was all too eager to pull their weight. Some of use felt pessimistic and skeptical, others shunned hard work. Nevertheless, we designated a day to unite our forces and clear our yard.

To cut a long story short, our premises have undergone a most fascinating transformation. Now every single passer-by will halt in order to appraise our flower-beds and the ideally cut green lawn; they will be amazed to see the wooden castles in our child’s play area, not only safe but inviting to the eye. Our cats, fatty and content with life, find shelter in a feral cat home. While passing through the yard, one hears uplifting birds’ chirping from a birdhouse on the newly planted trees.

To conclude, I would like to highlight that we should be the masters of our own fate rather than expect help from the outside. With a little time and efforts spent, we did make an appreciable difference, and I take pride in being part of it.