Square (CPE Descriptive Writing)

The moment the name of this square caught my eye I knew I was raring to go and see it. Piazza Navona – doesn’t it sound both poetic and incredibly joyful? Admittedly, that’s what the whole city of Rome is about: the celebration of life intertwined with bouts of maudlin mood.

The square itself undoubtedly lived up to my expectations. Buzzing with life and boasting the most amazing architecture masterpieces it draws travelers from far-flung corners of the world. Its landmark, the grand and noble palace, creates this uplifting and celebratory atmosphere which is thronged by buskers bashing out some catchy tunes.

Another tourist attraction of this place is its open-air exhibitions of paintings that come in all forms and sizes. Though hardly affordable for most passers-by, these colourful sketches and landscapes never fail to stir up interest. While wandering around easels, soaking up the vibrant festive air of this place, one is bound to work up a hearty appetite. The numerous eateries, though naturally a bit overpriced, will satisfy the most discerning connoisseur. Students travelling on a tight budget can indulge themselves to a cup of steaming aromatic coffee.

However, it is not wonders of the architecture, the street artists or the mouth-watering food that entices tourists flocking here in droves, but the opportunity to gaze at each other, to eyeball the same restless wanderers, strolling with a similar euphoric expression on their faces as if they finally arrived at the ultimate point of their destination. But “all roads lead to Rome” as they say, and, after one dizzying day spent in this square I think I know exactly what this means.