Confusing Adverbs

Некоторые наречия вызывают путаницу, например:

Hard – упорно, энергично, активно

Hardly – едва ли, с трудом

It was raining hard when we set off.
I’m not surprised he failed his exam — he didn’t exactly try very hard!
I could hardly believe it when I read the letter. –
He hardly ate anything.


Near – около, рядом

Nearly – почти

I’d like to sit near a window, please.

The hotel is near the airport.
I’ve nearly finished that book you lent me.
They’d eaten nearly everything.


Late – поздно

Lately – последнее время

Why are you late for the lesson?

Is that the time? I’d no idea it was so late.
I’ve been working a lot lately.
Have you seen her lately?


Free – бесплатно

To set free — освободить

Freely – свободно, легко,щедро

Children under five travel free.

I want to break free!
She freely (= willingly) admits that she’s not as fast a runner as she used to be.
The book is now freely available in the shops.



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