About Tea



brew = (informal) an amount of tea brewed at one time and served in a pot

whopping = extremely large

per capita = based on calculations that show the average amount for each person affected

to soar = to quickly increase to a high level

smuggling = the practice of secretly and illegally taking goods or people into or out of a country, especially as a way of earning money

social conventions = society’s expected behaviors and beliefs

discreet = careful not to say anything that is secret or that could upset someone

newfangled = modern



  1. How many cups of tea do the Brits have a day?
  2. The British love for tea dates back to what period of time?
  3. Was tea only the privilege of rich people?
  4. How and when did afternoon tea come about?
  5. What is cream tea?
  6. What is high tea?
  7. When did tea rooms become fashionable with women?
  8. What is the popular form of tea?


How is tea made?


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