Everyday Cybercrime and What You Can Do About It (TED Talks)

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  1. Do you feel a bit insecure after listening to this talk? Are you going to do something about it?
  2. Do you regret uploading photos or sharing information online?
  3. As we adopt these new applications and mobile devices, as we play with these shiny new toys, how much are we trading off convenience for privacy and security? – how would you answer this question?
  4. Were you surprised to learn about the possibility to buy a hacking service?
  5. Have you ever been a victim of an internet fraud scheme? What happened?
  6. Have your computers been infected with viruses? What did you do?



malware = software such as a virus on a computer or computer network that the user does not know about or want

This is what someone that specializes in malware and hacking looks like.

snapshot = a short description or a small amount of information that gives you an idea of what something is like

Let me give you a quick snapshot of what malicious code is capable of today.

to tear down a myth = to explode a myth

And, just to kind of tear down a myth here, lots of people think that when you get infected with a computer virus…

inebriated = drunk

Unfortunately, when this was implemented, the developer was slightly inebriated and managed to forget all of the secure coding practices he had learned.

to embed = to fix something firmly into a substance or solid object; to make images, sound, or computer software a part of othersoftware

An interesting feature of lots of modern smartphones is that when you take a photo, it embeds GPS data about where that photo was taken.

to deploy = to use something effectively

We then deploy the incredibly advanced hacking tool. We used Google.

herein = in this place, document, statement, or fact

And herein is the greatest lesson of social media and mobile devices for all of us right now.

to shuffle = to move paper or things into different positions or a different order

This is normally when people start kind of shuffling in their pockets trying to turn their phones onto airplane mode desperately.

pinpoint = if something is done with pinpoint accuracy, it is done exactly, and in exactly the right position

Seven hundred and sixty-one of you I could identify a hotel you’d been to recently,absolutely with pinpoint precision somewhere on the globe.

savvy = having practical knowledge and understanding of something

There’s a very concerning trend that whilst many people coming out of schools now are much more technology-savvy, they know how to use technology, fewer and fewer people are following the feeder subjects to know how that technology works under the covers.