Feeling Tired


I am on my last legs = to be very tired, especially after a lot of physical activity or work



I’m drained (of energy) = very tired and without energy

I am emotionally/mentally drained.


I am worn out = tired, exhausted (to wear out — изнашиваться)



I am knackered = very tired (informal)



I’m run-down = I’m so tired than I don’t feel well. ( often — physically weak because of an illness)



fatigued (formal) = feeling extremely tired, either physically or mentally

chronically fatigued

chronic fatigue syndrome – синдром хронической усталости




  1. Do you ever feel that you get too tired too often?
  2. Have you ever suffered from chronical fatigue? Did you do anything to solve the problem?
  3. How often does tiredness prevents you from enjoying your life to the full?
  4. When did you last feel that you were run-down?
  5. What do you do to beat stress and regain energy? Does it help?