Gossip Girl S01E03


Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 3

to distract — отвлекать


I don’t need some new boy influencing her, distracting her from her needs.

to sneak — делать что-то тайком


I’m not sneaking around with you.

to fix — исправить


Blair, how can I fix this?

to tangle (with somebody) — поссориться


… it takes two tangle …

upside — преимущество

spawn — потомство

downside — недостаток


… there’s plenty of upside  to being the spawn  of the fabulously wealthy.

Ivy Week

prerequisite — предварительное условие/требование


… being able to shave is a prerequisite for attending …

well-rounded — всесторонне образованный


… no one is smarter, more well-Rounded …

to take after — быть похожим (на родителей)


… you take after your dad  that way.

dress rehearsal — генеральная репетиция


… Should consider this weeka dress rehearsal …

fair and square — честно и справедливо, по правилам


… You win fair and square, and nothing could make me prouder …

to nail — успешно справлятьcя


… listen, I’m late for work. Nail that interview today.

to be thrilled — быть в восторге


… well, I am so thrilled to hear you say that’s still your plan …

to dress somebody down — критиковать


… S. not so fashionably late and dressed down by B.

delusional — бредовый


I really want to believe that was an accident. — Then you must be delusional.

truce — перемирие




Vocabulary Exercise:

to distract   /   to sneak   /   upside   /   downside   /   truce   /   dress down   /   delusional   /   fair and square   /   take after   /   prerequisite

  1. We had a good stay at this hotel.  The only ____________ was some of our towels were not clean… yuck!
  2. Now, why did you ____________ into the village in such an underhand manner, instead of asking our permission?’
  3. It sounded more like a ____________ than the end of the conflict.
  4. We won the game _____________.
  5. A noise outside momentarily _____________ her.
  6. Picasso was born into a middle-class family. He _____________ his father, who was also a painter and a professor of art
  7. A clear understanding of the task by the partner and/or manager is a ____________ for good communication.
  8. Jane tried to come back but was too sick to work effectively — so Brucia _________ her __________ and humiliated her in front of her colleagues.
  9. We were dripping wet, ___________ from lack of sleep, and just wishing that our trip wasn’t about to end.
  10. We made a lot of mistakes. On the ____________, we learnt a lot.