to catch someone red-handed = to catch somebody in the act of doing something wrong or committing a crime

The cat was secretly eating my beefsteak, but I caught him red-handed.

To Catch Red Handed


to catch someone’s eye = to attract somebody’s attention

I’d like to show you the picture that caught my eye.

To Catch An Eye


to catch/touch somebody on the raw = to upset somebody by reminding them of something they are particularly sensitive about

To tell the truth, his remark caught me on the raw, and I’m still upset about it.

To Catch On The Raw


Catch 22 = paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules

I can’t get the a job without having a registration, and it’s impossible to get a registration while being unemployed. Catch 22.

Catch 22


to catch somebody off guard = to catch a person at a time of carelessness.

Apparently, our friend wasn’t expecting us, and our sudden visit caught him off guard.

To Catch Off Guard


to catch someone at a bad time = to attempt to speak or deal with someone at a time inconvenient for that person

I didn’t get that pay-rise. It seems I caught the boss at a bad time.

To Catch At A Bad Time


Catch Idioms

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