Clothes — 1

at the drop of one’s hat = instantly, immediately

«I always knew that Delhi is an unsafe city, but I did not know that people pull the trigger at the drop of a hat.»



to do something on a shoestring budget = to do something using very little money

«You can have the wedding of your dreams on a shoestring budget when you employ a well-executed plan.»



to give someone shirt off one’s back — отдать последнюю рубашку

«Rob’s the type of guy who gives his shirt off his back to anyone.»



to wear the trousers — быть главным в семье

«For better or worse, my mother wore the trousers in the family…»



to be dressed to kill — разодетый в пух и прах

«So here I am dressed to kill, and wondering what my old class mates look like.»



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