to see eye to eye on – иметь одинаковые взгляды на

They never saw eye to eye on this question.



to clear the air – поговорить и выяснить отношения, расставить все на свои места

I am not going to get into details of the conversation, but we had a good conversation, we cleared the air and we are moving forward.



to bury the hatchet – прекратить вражду, заключить мир

I’ve tried to explain that it’s water underthe bridge, and that Hugh and I have buried the hatchet…



to lend a (friendly) ear – сочувственно выслушивать

The staff at the bar were also very concerned and always lent a friendly ear.



to be together through thick and thin – пройти огонь, воду и медные трубы

For I have got another girl, another girl
Who will love me till the end
Through thick and thin
She will always be my friend (The Beatles)



to be a fair-weather friend – друг на “хорошую погоду” – пока ему выгодно

Farewell my fair weather friend
I always thought you’d be there to the end
You’re the one I gave it all to
But you took me for a ride
When I needed someone
You were not by my side
You only thought of yourself
And you drove me round the bend
So farewell my fair weather friend (Budge)



to get on like a house on fire – ладить, быстро и легко подружиться

Gran and Mrs Manteiga had got on like a house on fire and I had to admit that Mia had been a pleasant surprise.



kindred spirits – родственные души

Recognizing they were kindred spirits, the group decided then and there to join together in an attempt to realize some of their musical ambitions.