Money — 1

to be rolling in it – купаться в деньгах

“With five top 40 hits under their belt and a top ten album, you might think Take That are rolling in it.”



 to work for peanuts – работать за гроши

“But I mean you don’t want to start working in the mines for peanuts or anything, you want it to be a good job such as everybody’s else.”



to live from hand to mouth – еле сводить концы с концами

“Do they have any concept of what it’s like to live from hand-to-mouth?”



to cost an arm and a leg – очень дорого стоить

“The fact is that getting married can cost an arm and a leg, not to mention a cake, three bridesmaids and an organist.”



to pay through the nose – переплачивать, платить бешеные деньги

“We paid through the nose, and now we have the better players playing for us and not for the other teams.”



Money Idioms

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