to be thrown in at the deep end – to make someone start doing a difficult without getting them prepared

Masood, the young left-arm spinner from Khanewal, was thrown in at the deep end just like countless other boys in the country and he had the enviable task of teaming up with others.

To Be Thrown In At The Deep End


to be on the ropes – to be doing badly and likely to fail

In late 2002, Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana was on the ropes in her attempt to win reelection.

To Be On The Ropes


to score an own goal = when someone does something to try to get an advantage, it makes a situation worse for them

The government has scored an own goal by reducing tax at a time when it needs extra money.

To Score An Own Goal


to throw in the towel – to quit, to admit defeat

Former U.S. congressman and John Kasich supporter discusses why Kasich threw in the towel now after vowing to stay in the race.

To Throw In The Towel


to be stumped for an idea = to have no idea.

You’ve got me stumped.
Are you stumped for a last-minute gift idea? Try these books!

To Be Stumped For An Idea