Talking About Fashion

to be dressed up to the nines = to look very smart


to be the height of fashion = to be very fashionable

Black is the height of fashion this season.


to be all the rage = to be very popular (old-fashioned)

Flared jeans were all the rage in the 90s.


a latest craze/fad = something that is fashionable for a short time


to be dressed in style = to look stylish

Getting dressed in style requires a great wardrobe with go-to pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.


to be happening = to look fashionable, trendy

He’s a real happening guy.


fancy shmancy = fashionable, impressive

Her fancy shmancy dress must have cost a fortune.


cheep and cheerful = “дешево и сердито”


to look posh = to look expensive and attractive

He looked posh. Smelt posh. Walked and talked posh. Even the way he was crouched behind the chimney was posh…


to dress with swag = to dress with style


For fun:

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