5 Trust Exercises



key component — key = most important; essential

a coworker = colleague

optional = that you can choose to do or have if you want to

to get a good grip — grip = an act of holding somebody/something tightly; a particular way of doing this (to keep a tight grip/to loosen/relax one’s grip)

a blindfold = something that is put over somebody’s eyes so they cannot see

a minefield = a situation that contains hidden dangers or difficulties or a situation that contains hidden dangers or difficulties

an obstacle = a situation, an event, etc. that makes it difficult for you to do or achieve something

to squat (down) = to sit on your heels with your knees bent up close to your body (садиться на корточки)

to crawl = to move forward on your hands and knees, with your body close to the ground (ползти)

on the count of 3 — на счет 3

nerve-racking = making you feel very nervous and worried

proximity = the state of being near somebody/something in distance or time

in close proximity to each other

high five


countdown = the action of counting seconds backwards to zero

to conduct (the experiment) = to organize and/or do a particular activity

to lose/regain one’s composure — composure = the state of being calm and in control of your feelings or behaviour

to establish (trust ) = to start or create an organization, a system, etc. that is meant to last for a long time or to make people accept a belief, claim, custom etc.