Music is Medicine (TED Talks)

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  1. Why wasn’t Nathaniel able to continue his career?
  2. How was he treated?
  3. How did the presenter fell when starting their lesson?
  4. How did music influence Nathaniel?
  5. To what extent is music medication for you?




And the source was a man, an African-American man, charming, rugged, homeless, playing a violin that only had two strings.

to be cut short

…whose promising career was cut short by a tragic affliction with paranoid schizophrenia.



He was speaking in a very jovial and gregarious way…


…because of the treacherous first violin passage work in the last movement of Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony.


And Nathaniel was in such a state of agitation when we started our first lesson.

in the grip of

It was as if he was in the grip of some invisible pharmaceutical, a chemical reaction…


…he started playing, by ear, certain snippets of violin concertos.

to relate

…he related to this music at a personal level.

to shape

…we’re able to shape those emotions into reality.


…the redemptive power of music brought him back into a family of musicians.