to fly off the handle = to lose one’s temper (выйти из себя)

Whenever my dad catches me using his laptop, he flies off the handle.



to be steaming = to be very angry

to steam – выпускать пар

My father was steaming when he learnt about my marks.



to climb the walls = to lose control/become crazy with anger

If he knew what I did, he’s climb the walls with anger.



to lose the plot =to be crazy with anger (totally)

My mum totally lost the plot when she found out that I’d been expelled from school.



to lose it = to lose control over oneself (потерять контроль над собой)

When she heard her best friend gossiping about her, she totally lost it.



to see red = to get angry (рассердиться)

Every time we start discussing politics, Sam sees red.



It makes my blood boil = It makes me angry. (“Это заставляет мою кровь кипеть”)

All these talks about who is going to win makes my blood boil.



to be pissed off = very angry (informal)

I was completely pissed off when I saw what they did.