It’s Not a Cat (Friends)



сheck it out (informal) = to look at or examine a person or thing that seems interesting or attractive (Зацени!)

inside out = with the part that is usually inside facing out (наизнанку)

pure-bred = born from parents of the same breed, not from a mix of two or more breeds (чистокровный)

to sit in one’s lap — сидеть на коленях

lap = the top part of your legs that forms a flat surface when you are sitting down

to chase = to run, drive, etc. after somebody/something in order to catch them (преследовать)

the cat chases a string


fluffy — пушистый

scratches — царапины

to flip out (informal) = to become very angry, excited or unable to think clearly

to hiss = to make a sound like a long ‘s’ (шипеть)

to owe = o have to pay somebody for something that you have already received or return money that you have borrowed (быть должным)