Jill Heinerth The Mysterious World of Underwater Caves (TED Talks)

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  1. What does the presenter do?
  2. Why is it a dangerous job?
  3. What place was the presenter first to explore?
  4. How long is it possible to stay underwater with rebreathers?
  5. What is special about some animals living underwater?
  6. What do you know about a remipede?
  7. What can rocks tell us?
  8. What is the presenter’s favourite project?
  9. What realization did she make while exploring the underwater?
  10. How did her dream come true?



underground waterways
dangerous endeavor
to plunge into darkness
a repository (of amazing life forms)
to predate
a remipede

fangs with venom
a layer
to lap up against the shoreline
vast network
to knit
an autonomous robot