Shopping (Pretty Woman)



to fidget — to keep moving your body, your hands or your feet because you are nervous, bored, excited, etc. (ерзать)

Sit still and stop fidgeting!


That’s the point I was getting at.

to get at — to try to make understandable; hint at or suggest (намекать)

I don’t know what you’re getting at.


an obscene amount of money

obscene — an obscene amount of something is morally wrong because it is too large (неприличный)

to suck up to — to try to make someone in authority approve of you by doing and saying things that will please them (подлизываться)

«Why do you think he offered to take all that work home?»

«Ah, he’s just sucking up to the boss.»


profane — showing no respect for God or for religious or moral rules (нечестивый, непристойный)


offensive — rude in a way that causes you to feel upset, insulted or annoyed (оскорбительный)


to wait on somebody — to act as a servant to somebody, especially by serving food to them (обслуживать)


to work on commission — получать коммиссионные

commission — money given to someone when they sell something

Many salesmen work on commission.